Academy Nicholl 2006 Ceremony | 2006
Beverly Hills
Thursday, November 16, 2006
Memorable Moments
  • (first row seated) fellow Scott Simonsen, 2006 Nicholl committee chair and 1992 fellow Susannah Grant, and fellow Mark Matusof; (back row, standing) fellows Alfred Carpenter, Josh Schorr, Arthur Jolly and Stephanie Lord.
  • Writer-director-actor Kevin Smith, who delivered the keynote address at the event.
  • Nicholl committee member Bob Shapiro (center) and fellows Mark Matusof (left) and Alfred Carpenter, who wrote their script collaboratively.


Alfred E. Carpenter & Mark A. Matusof
Script: 38 Mercury
Arthur M. Jolly
Script: The Free Republic of Bobistan 
Josh D. Schorr
Script: 10 Day Contract
Scott K. Simonsen
Script: Tides of Summer
Stephanie Lord
Script: Palau Rain
Clark E. Morrow
Script: Peepers
Eric J. Litra
Script: Beatrice Creek 
James V. Simpson
Script: Armored
Michael Raymond
Script: Abilene 
2006 Nicholl Semifinalists

Kevin Aldrich, “Invisible Combatants”
Joe Amato & Kass Fleisher , “Yellow Medicine”
Jonathan L. Auxier , “The Night Gardener”
John K. Bell , “Must We to Bed”
Kenneth R. Bias , “Boys of Fall”
Trysta A. Bissett , “Pony at Large”
Stephen Blackburn, “The Rock of Abandon”
Dan L. Borengasser , “Scram Gravy”
Daniel Max Botkin , “What Happened to Monday?”
Julian Breece , “Ball”
Bradford C. Campbell , “Containment”
Bradford C. Campbell , “The Capitol Steps”
Alec M. Carlin , “Bird God of the Amazon”
Robert Carter , “Recalling Montana ”
Stinson Carter , “Ananias”
Ryan J. Condal , “Human Resources”
Oliver J. Curts , “Mindfuck”
Adam M. Cutter , “Dust to Dust”
Gina M. DeAngelis , “Private Thompson’s Secret War”
Jennifer C. Deaton , “Pentimenti”
Jason M. Delmarty , “Burning Point”
Julia Dion & Rasmus Johansen, “Bride of Bridezilla”
Bruce Dundore , “One Armed Bandits”
Tara K. Etienne , “Truth or Consequences”
Adam Farhi & Darin Cerreto, “The Beale Cypher”
Kathleen M. Fiore , “The Lazarus Syndrome”
Mickey Fisher , “Gunfighter Ballads”
Jeffry D. Fry , “Purple Haze”
Amy E. Garcia & Cecilia M. Contreras , “Amelia Earhart and the Bologna Rainbow Highway ”
Kenneth  Gerstein, “The Painted Boy”
R. Jay Gifford , “Rock Salt”
Frank M. Gilliland , “The Concert”
Vojin N. Gjaja   , “Swing”
Eric T. Gravning , “Mr. Burnout”
Keith R. Hartman   , “The Allegory of the Cave”
Damon N. James, “The Haven”
Naida Joanides , “A Mile Past Eternity”
Ellwyn Kauffman , “The Maker”
Ellwyn Kauffman, “First Under Heaven”
Tracy M. King-Sanchez , “Fragments”
Michael Kogge , “Empire of the Wolf”
Michael J. Lacombe, “Shockwaves”
Steven G. Leiner, “Disappeared”
Edward A. Leschke, “Mobile One”
Edward A. Leschke, “The Late Season”
Josh S. Levitan, “Pen Pal”
Robert Lewis, “The Silence Of The Spam”
Wyndham R.H. Lewis, “The 97th Percentile”
Todd Ludy, “Scarecrows”
Will Luers, “Mink”
Megan K. Macmanus, “The Dueler”
Ryan G. Maldonado, “Dog Road ”
David G. Mango, “Black’s Sonata”
David G. Mango, “Kissing a Suicide Bomber”
John R. Marlow, “Nano”
John E. Morning, “What Would Fabio Do?”
Scott R. Mullen, “Touching Blue”
Jim J. Munoz, “The Good Night”
Matthew W. Murphy, “Interstate 25”
Jordan S. Musen, “Decibel”
Corey S. New, “The Forgiving of Emma Rose”
Scott R. Norris, “Shanghai Communique”
David Norwood, “My Hero”
Thomas S. Nowlin, “Perfect Crimes”
Connie O'Donahue, “The Education Of Kady”
Gregory W. Orr, “The Terror Tapes”
Jason A. Panaro, “Redemption, AZ”
Hunter A. Phillips, “On the Verge”
Kathilynn Phillips, “Space Available, the Feature”
Richard J. Porter, “Fighters”
Adam M. Pounder, “The Shadows of Paris ”
Madison S. Powell, “The Laconia Order”
Lydia Prior, “D.U.I.”
Jennifer C. Quintenz, “The Bond of Saint Marcel”
Russell T. Richardson, “The Master”
James Roman & Chris Donaldson, “Julian’s Trench”
Brett L. Ross, “Forlorn Hope”
Katherine Ruppe, “A Killing Frost”
Curtis R. Saretske, “The Kid with the Camera”
Quinn C. Saunders, “The Armoires”
Corey R. Schaffer & A.J. D’Agostino, “Catalyst”
Jennifer L. Selig, “Mary”
Blair D. Shedd, “Wayward Son”
Lee S. Shipman, “Red River ”
Lee S. Shipman, “The Low Life”
Neil K. Singh, “The Crystal Spirit”
Sean E. Siska, “Leave”
Anita J. Skibski, “Mine”
Bryan J. Smith, “Eulogy”
Zane Smith, “The Sun Slingers”
Zane Smith, “Dark Harbor ”
Roger Stoneburner, “The Pleasure Principle”
Sarah L. Vaill, “Adelitas”
Jeff G. Walton, “Into the Cold”
Michael Werwie, “The Lottery”
D. Jay Williams, “Semper Fi”
Tommy L. Wood & Marc D. Benton, “Pieces of Eight”
Gary A. Wright, “The Riggs Translation”
Matthew F. Zimmerman, “Scenthound”

2006 Nicholl Quarterfinalists

Michael J. Armbruster, “Happy Holidays”
Linda Armstrong, “Enclave”
Lorelei Armstrong, “Lush Work”
Michael R. Batty, “A Mortal Trace”
Kevin W. Bell, “Inuncomplete”
Kristyn J. Benedyk, “Lovely Iowa ”
Tim R. Bensch & Matt E. Meyer, “Jacked ”
Chuck Bigelow, “Red Light Run”
Ryan M. Bradley, “The Detail”
William G. Braudis, “Howard Klung”
Evelyn Brooks, “Sand Castles”
Scott Brownstein, “Where the Dead Go”
Bradford C. Campbell, “Vaterland”
Steven Campbell, “Dead Heads”
Andy Cannistra, “Best Laid Schemes”
Christopher C. Canole, “Felix the Flyer”
Kevin L. Caruso, “The Rut”
Wayne Cheong, “The Road to Dharma”
Michael W. Coady, “The Milkman”
Sam M. Cohen, “The Sweet life”
Sarah A. Conradt, “Rat”
Thomas M. Coston, “National Nanny”
Scott Cramer, “Train Renoir”
Michael D. Cuff, “The Infinity Hour”
Marla Cukor, “Losing Daylight”
Linden Dalecki, “Running Elk”
Matthew W. Davis, “The Leap Year Kid”
Paul M. DeWolf, “Seventy-Three”
Clare A. Di Liscia Baird, “Mrs. Allingsford”
Craig M. Difolco, “Leap Year”
Brandon A. Drake, “Hatch”
Robert J. Duncan, “World’s Strongest Man”
Shanee Edwards, “Enchantress of Numbers”
Mark H. Epting, “Mountain Meadows”
Frank R. Faller, “Morning Sickness”
Michael D. Farris, “The Catch”
Kirk J. Faulkner, “The Great Election of Reagan, Tx”
Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons, “Woman vs Superman”
Sheila F. Flaherty, “East of Mecca”
David R. Flores, “Control; Alt; Delete”
Matthew Fogel, “Kristi”
Craig Fones, “The Pride of Green Gables”
James T. Frazier, “Rochester”
Lauren C. Freeman, “The Dove”
Margaret G. Friedman, “Big Mouth”
Brian N. Fuller, “Life Ain’t No Dress Rehearsal”
Carmine J. Gaeta, “Jersey Shore”
Asher Garfinkel, “Water of Life”
Geoffrey Geib, “Passing Shot”
Allen G. Glover, “Whereabouts Unknown”
Lynn Esta Goldman, “The Night and the Music”
Suzanne T. Griffin, “The Italian Lover”
Brigitte M. Hales, “The Madison ”
Carol V. Hamilton, “A Natural Aristocrat”
Cheryl L. Hammer, “The Last Well”
Thomas J. Hanada, “Heaven Forbid”
Beth A. Hoover & Gary L. Hoover, “The Real Thing”
Train Houston, “Lubbock ”
Mary E. Huckstep, “To Catch a Keeper”
Rob Humphreys & Christine Kohlbrenner, “Reunion Tour”
Tasha C. Huo, “Wall and Bing”
Tasha C. Huo, “Next to Eve”
David H. Jaher, “Booth”
Alexandra P. Jamison & William Campbell, “Insecurities”
Debra “Joann” Jensen, “Maura’s Stand”
Travis Johns, “Jack Daniel’s”
Tarik Karam, “False Flags”
Mathew J. Kaszanek, “Epitaph”
Christopher Keeler, “Where Have You Gone Joe Crawford?”
Simon A. Kelton, “Crash and Burn”
Nelson Kim, “Confidence Man”
David A. Kurtz, “Hopper”
Matthew T. Kuzma, “Homeland”
Ryan M. Landels, “The Atomic Avenger”
Scott J. Larson, “The Curiosity Shop”
Malcolm A. Lawson, “Blackout”
Susan Lindheim, “Travels With Gonzalo”
Scott "Galanty" M. Miller, “The Price”
Andrea N. Magder & Quentin B. Cline, “My Father’s Son”
George S. Mahaffe, “The Pact”
George S. Mahaffey, “San Juan Hill”
George S. Mahaffey, “The Smurf”
Michael P. Maloney, “Alabaster Boxes”
Matthew Marx, “2400”
Micheal C. McAlexander, “Final Dawn”
Brian T. McCarthy, “Wide Awake”
Craig J. McLay, “Michelangelo’s Lamp”
Jack W. Millard, “Black River Falls”
Lee Miller, “The Book of Samuel”
Debra R. Morgan&, “A Strong Defense”
Kamy Motesharei, “A.K.A. Kameron”
Nathanael J. Murray, “Cowboys and Gypsies”
Thomas S. Nowlin, “Ghosts of Chernobyl”
Jay R. Nuzum, “Dog Land”
Laura A. Oaksmith, “The Buck Decision”
Edgar Pablos & Judith C. Rudnicki, “The Horse Thief”
Christian Parkes, “Man Bites God”
Tom Paskal, “Falling for an SP.com”
Stuart C. Paul, “Down River”
Geoffry E. Peelman, “Drake’s War”
Timo E. Peltonen, “The Piano Tuner”
Doug Reed, “Sweet William”
Mark E. Reilly, “Blood of the Angels”
George M. Richards, “41894”
Jeffrey E. Ritchie, “Fall From Grace”
SoYun Roe & Jennifer A. Bernard, “The Dome”
Mitchell Rose, “Crackatooq”
Ian G. Roumain, “Water & Power”
James William Russo & Michael Alan, “Senior Week”
Andrew J Sachs, “Soccer Moms”
Matthew G. Scarsbrook, “Exit Marlowe”
Corey R. Schaffer & Philip Schaff, “After Life”
Adam P. Schindler, “The Long Weekend”
Michael Schneider, “Isaac”
Richard D. Scott, “Cult of Portman, Natalie”
Kathryn Sheard, “Richard”
Nicholas J. Sherman & Andrew Shearer, “Son Up”
Jose G. Silerio, “Monarchs”
Ian Simpson, “Mother of Frankenstein”
Henderson Smith & Brett H. Smith, “The Christmas Collection”
Henderson Smith, “The Ugly Princess”
Cinthea K. Stahl, “You May Say I’m a Dreamer”
John E. Stancari, “Dead Stop”
John E. Stancari, “Imaginary Friends”
Anthony L. Stitt & Jeff F. Trently, “The Curse of Old Bob”
Kris E. Van Herle, “Priced to Sell”
Sage R. Vanden Heuvel, “Living and the Dead”
Andrew J. Wahlquist, “The Association”
William A. Ward, “Driver Ed”
Allan Wasserman & Alyson Mead, “Bozza”
James Watts, “Beckwourth”
Grace A. Wessbecher, “Pasteurized”
Jason Whiton, “The Bonsai”
Peter R. Wilkes & Catherine D. Wilson, “Captain Tomorrow”
Justin A. Wilson & Sheldon Candis, “Golden Boy”
Cindy Yantis, “The Butterfly Symphony”
Cindy Yantis, “Sugarplum Destiny”