Anthony J. Jaswinski
Script: Interstate
Glen Craney
Script: Whisper the Wind
Karen O'Toole
Script: Wild Horses
Michele Sutter
Script: This Place in the Ways
Scott Ferraiolo
Script: The Palace of Versailles
Anthony J. Jaswinski
Script: Interstate
Daniel L. Ackman
Script: Tight Deadline
David F. Adkin
Script: Cold Warning
Glen C. Craney
Script: Whisper the Wind
Karen O' Toole
Script: Wild Horses
Michael J. Canales
Script: The Tribe
Michele Sutter
Script: This Place in the Ways
Patricia A. Little
Script: South Beach
Rita M. Mehler
Script: White Plains
Scott Ferraiolo
Script: The Palace of Versailles
1997 Nicholl Semifinalists

David F. Adkin, “Taking the Arcadia”
Arthur D. Anderson, “Hannon's Dream”
Scott S. Anderson, “Deadly Options”
Richard C. Bailey, “Spore”
Cindy J. Baker, “Back To Normal”
Timothy J. Bauer, “Reception Following”
Patricia L. Beauchamp, “The Girl Most Likely”
Chester Berdauerson, “Alchemists”
Andrew S. Bishop, “Atlantis”
Blacky Bokich, “The Judas Horse”
Ron L. Brinkerhoff, “Resurrections”
Larry D. Brooks, “Arizona Ice”
Larry D. Brooks, “In Darkness Bound”
Susan L. Burnstine, “God Bless Becca Berg”
Patricia Burroughs, “Dreamers”
James T. Canfield, “Thy Kingdom Come”
Karl K. Cates, “Campaign”
Lee Choo, “Nathaniel's Crossing”
Kevin F. Clines, “Wolfie”
Sarah A. Conradt-Kroehler, “The Moon and Other Things”
Paul J. da Silva, “The Courier”
Jeff C. Dean, “An Open Book”
Mark Dewayne, “Spirit Bound”
John W. Dill, “The Third Secret”
Joe M. Drape, “The Place That Hits the Sun”
John I. Dummer, “Flavors”
Robert D. Ehling, “And Then You Die”
David R. Erickson, “Finding Reasons”
Hillary E. Field, “Plant Life”
Robert W. Field, “Silicon Soul”
Jim D. Forbes, “The Last Expedition”
Marcella A. Forster, “Rites of May”
Saul Fussiner, “Present Imperfect”
Stephen M. Giblin, “Jobe's Bounty”
John K. Glennon, “Hell Hath No Fury”
William R. Greenfield, “Frontier”
Suzanne T. Griffin, “Blood and Dreams”
Nancy M. Hendrickson, “On Top of the World”
Robert Lee Herod, Jr., “Datastorm”
Stephen M. Holmes, “Common Ground”
Robert E. Hummel, “Small Time Hoods”
Tobias Iaconis, “Zero Space”
Quendrith Johnson, “Jazz Age Doll”
Greg Jones, “The Man on the Moon”
Joey Jones, “Mobius Mcgee”
Kenneth A. Jones, “Power of Attorney”
Christine Joyce, “The Binds That Tie”
Charles F. Karp, “Sterile Zone”
David J. Keane, “The Cliffs of Normandy”
Thomas A. Kemper, “Don't Look Back: the Jackie Robinson Story”
Nina C. Killham, “Gray Wolf”
Wayne H. Kramer, “Foresight”
Robert F. Krumpholz, “Undercurrent”
James W. Labudde, “The Execution Game”
Philip D. Levens, “Evidence”
Todd Ludy, “The Hollow Man”
Phyllis Magida, “Prairie Flower”
Christopher A. Marakovitz, “Reverse Action”
Christopher T. Martin, “Econ 101”
Hamish S. McCollester, “The Gray Area”
Colin M. Mitchell, “Linden Arden Stole the Highlights”
Alan D. Moen, “Ivory Bombs”
Wayne E. Mogilefsky, “Master of Illusion”
Rory P. Moloney, “Horse Latitudes”
David R. Morcom, “The Lunacy Knot”
Curtis P. Ostler, “Bad Chemistry”
Min Sun Park, “The Eve of St. Agnes”
Bart Paul, “Body and Soul”
Lisa M. Petersen, “The Great Lampoozi”
Brian J. Pinkerton, “My Evil Twin”
Charles E. Raiteri, “Youngblood and White Shoulders”
Robert B. Rebein, “Truckstop”
James E. Ritterhoff, “1./.4”
Mark S. Rossella, “The Zodiac Tree”
Randall K. Rubin, “The Challenge”
Paula R. Schaap, “Looking For Judas”
Samuel E. Schreiber, “Sticks and Stones”
Mark P. Seal, “Proud Flesh”
Lauren Sheppard, “The Last Wish Girl”
Mark A. Shostrom, “Black Sleep”
Thomas M. Silvestri, “Black Hearts”
Mark L. Smith, “Hometown Hero”
Mark L. Smith, “Passion Plays”
Zoje Stage, “Monster”
Jeffrey A. Stanley, “Brain on Fire”
Douglas F. Stark, “Under the Lights”
Sandy L. Steers, “Making Waves”
Patrick S. Stettner, “Cold Scent”
John T. Stickney, “Fog and Fire”
Joel B. Strunk, “No Such Thing as Heroes”
Justin Swingle, “Black Angel”
Thomas J. Trappler, “Buddha Zone”
Peter A. Tulipan, “Diamond Eyes”
Thomas P. Tytar, “Ditched”
Robert K. Watson, “Reunion”
Paul J. Wexler, “Market Jitters”
Chriss A. Williams, “Bellclair Times”
Maryrose Wood, “All the Way North”
Raymond L. Wright, “Six Little Indians”
Michael D. Zungolo, “In the Dark”
Cynthia J. Zygadlo, “Pep Talk”

1997 Nicholl Quarterfinalists

Katherine A. Alfieri, “Dying to Leave”
Diane R. Ambruso, “Chainless Soul”
Suzette L. Anderson, “Canyonlands”
Douglas B. Antonioli, “Burning Love”
Brian S. Archer, “The Towers of Silence”
Wagner James Au, “Self-Made Man”
Nancy L. Babine, “Till the Darkness is Over”
Anthony J. Baldasare, “Yeti”
Blair S. Baron, “Invitation to the Voyage”
Debra J. Barr, “Bold Swimmer”
Heidi Barron, “Hanover & Hayes”
Jeff J. Beres, “Blood Count”
Craig S. Bond, “Great North Road”
Michael A. Bott, “The Cook from Bouillaville”
Ron W. Bourke, “Once More for My Baby”
David L. Breecker, “Truth & Beauty”
Maurice J. Brown, “Wayward Wind”
John R. Bruner, “Humility”
Thomas M. Buckley, “Family Values”
Cheryl A. Burgeson-Cain, “Ashes are Ashes”
Patricia Burroughs, “Simply Scandalous!”
Eric J. Carsten, “The Gift Lover”
Paul J. Castro, “Rainbow Black”
Robert G. Cirminiello, “The Angel's Vanguard”
Toby Corbett, “Loretta”
Glen C. Craney, “Coil of the Dragon”
John G. Culton, “The Hunter's Road”
John G. Culton, “The Queen's Mark”
John J. D'Annibale, “Receiving America”
Jeffrey R. Davis, “Where the Money Is”
Warren R. Davis, “The Hard Line”
Angela L. Day, “Tossing Venus”
Steven S. De Knight, “The Cockroach Hour”
Joshua D. Dean, “Endgaming”
Susan B. Demasi, “Deadline Falls”
Vince DiGabriele, “Acceptable Loss”
Melinda L. Donahey, “Heaven's Breath”
Arden G. Doss III, “Phreakers”
Lawrence J. Duplass, “South Lafouche”
Daniel S. Duvall, “The Marsh Wolf Within”
Rick H. Eaton, “Checkmate”
Rick H. Eaton, “Island Nation”
Robert M. Einaudi, “Hard Wages”
Joan C. Everett, “Ruby Sand”
Linda M. Ferguson, “Stealin' Away”
Linda J. Freeny, “Sell Out”
Ron J. Friedman, “Majick”
Jacques R. Gaidry-Thelemaque, “The Dogwalker”
Danielle M. Galioto, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”
Judy H. Gebauer, “Reclaimed”
Glenn T. German, “Second Opinion”
Tony J. Gill, “Blinding Darkness”
Robert C. Giordano, “Sicko”
Simon Goltsman, “Natural Selection”
Simon Goltsman, “Nice Guys Finish Seventh”
Cheryl M. Guerriero, “Jumped In”
Brent C. Hartinger, “Wizard”
Ingrid E. Haunold, “Down East”
Matthew K. Herlinger, “Into the Woods”
Peter J. Hobbs, “Trails”
Stanford M. Hswe, “Mountains and Valleys”
Edward M. Jordon, “Annie and the Pinboys”
Roni S. Keller, “The Very Good Wish”
Nancy J. Kiefer, “Head of A Blue-Eyed Man”
Kirk Z. Kirkland, “Helix: 21”
James C. Leary, “Killing in the Name of”
Elizabeth A. Lehmann, “Honor Price”
Harlee B. Levy, “Deadly Exclusion”
John S. Lewinski, “Sarah”
Paul D. Locander, “Behind the Lines”
Paul D. Locander, “Embryo”
Jason A. Lucero, “The Fall”
Michael D. Markowitz, “Movers & Shakers”
Melinda A. May, “Bro”
Dane E. McCauley, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”
Charles G. Memminger, “Salishan Summer”
Monty P. Mickelson, “Wednesday's Child”
Robert T. Miller, “Will You Still Love Me?”
Linda Perigo-Moore, “Choice”
Annmarie E. Morais, “Troubling the Waters”
Nathaniel B. Moss, “The House of Cards”
Sharon L. Naylor, “First Daughter”
Randy O'Brien, “Duncan Pearcy”
Karen L. O'Toole, “Blue Moon Rising”
Linda S. Palmer, “5150”
Diana S. Perlmutter, “Walking Wounded”
Steven M. Posusta, “Big Air Inc.”
Nick J. Pustay, “Niagara Falls”
David S. Richards, “Catharsis”
Mark L. Rigsby, “Our Lady of Sorrows”
Ted Robbins, “Bowtie Wednesday”
Carol J. Rosendahl, “Ruined on Robbery”
Creighton D. Rothenberger, “Learning to Fly”
Warren J. Ryan, “The Back of the Beyond”
J. P. Saladin, “Atlas Fallen”
Tasca A. Shadix, “The Book of Stars and Lovely Things”
Ellyn M. Shull, “The Book of Stars and Lovely Things”
Ellyn M. Shull, “Babes”
Brian L. Sintay, “Luck O' the Irishman”
Carrie Anne Spalding, “The Gravy Boat Intersection”
Matthew H. Sparber, “Kishinev”
Sam Stone, “Dead Time”
Melissa M. Strater-Brock, “Speaking French”
Peter F. Terry, “Rachel's Silence”
Jeffrey M. Tumin, “Buds”
Jack R. Vale, “The Deef Killer”
Juan L. Vazquez, “Loch Ness Dragons”
Donald R. Warden, “Watchdogs of Freedom”
Kimberley R. Wiersma, “The Plunge”
Alan T. Williamson, “The Adventures of Bracket Bingley”
Douglas C. Wold, “Legacy”
Matthew H. Yancik, “Reaction”
Philip G. Yuhas, “Cheaters”
Bill Zide, “Dead City”