The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are the organization's greatest asset, an assemblage of the finest artists and craftspersons of the art form.

On this page the Academy pays homage to those members who have passed away this year. Academy Awards and nominations are noted (a win is indicated by an asterisk) as well as service on the Academy's Board of Governors. To see the full gallery from the 2022 Oscars click here.


Sam Adams – Members-at-Large

Michael Lee Aday – Actors Branch

Mary Alice – Actors Branch

William Anderson – Film Editors Branch

Joanna Barnes – Actors Branch

Carl A. Bell – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
Board of Governors, July 1991-July 2000, August 2001-July 2010

Marilyn K. Bergman – Music Branch
1968 (41st) *Music (Song–Original for the Picture) – “The Windmills Of Your Mind” from “The Thomas Crown Affair”
1969 (42nd) Music (Song–Original for the Picture) – “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?” from “The Happy Ending”
1970 (43rd) Music (Song–Original for the Picture) – “Pieces Of Dreams” from “Pieces of Dreams”
1971 (44th) Music (Song–Original for the Picture) – “All His Children” from “Sometimes a Great Notion”
1972 (45th) Music (Song--Original for the Picture) – “Marmalade, Molasses & Honey” from “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean”
1973 (46th) *Music (Song) – “The Way We Were” from “The Way We Were”
1978 (51st) Music (Original Song) – “The Last Time I Felt Like This” from “Same Time, Next Year”
1979 (52nd) Music (Original Song) – “I’ll Never Say ‘Goodbye’” from “The Promise”
1982 (55th) Music (Original Song) – “How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” from “Best Friends”
1982 (55th) Music (Original Song) – “If We Were In Love” from “Yes, Giorgio”
1982 (55th) Music (Original Song) – “It Might Be You” from “Tootsie”
1983 (56th) *Music (Original Song Score or Adaptation Score) – “Yentl”
1983 (56th) Music (Original Song) – “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” from “Yentl”
1983 (56th) Music (Original Song) – “The Way He Makes Me Feel” from “Yentl”
1989 (62nd) Music (Original Song) – “The Girl Who Used To Be Me” from “Shirley Valentine”
1995 (68th) Music (Original Song) – “Moonlight” from “Sabrina”

Jeff Berlin – Sound Branch

Judd Bernard – Producers Branch

David E. Birney – Actors Branch

Robert Blalack – Visual Effects Branch
1977 (50th) *Visual Effects – “Star Wars”

Eliot Bliss – Sound Branch

Peter Bogdanovich – Directors Branch
1971 (44th) Directing – “The Last Picture Show”
1971 (44th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “The Last Picture Show”

Robert G. Bornstein – Associates

Janice D. Brandow – Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch

David Brenner – Film Editors Branch
1989 (62nd) *Film Editing – “Born on the Fourth of July”

James Caan – Actors Branch
1972 (45th) Actor in a Supporting Role – “The Godfather”

Gary W. Carlson – Sound Branch

Marvin Chomsky – Directors Branch

Robert Clary – Actors Branch

Walter Coblenz – Producers Branch
1976 (49th) Best Picture – “All the President’s Men”

Robbie Coltrane – Actors Branch

Tim Considine – Actors Branch

Robin Dalton – Producers Branch

John Dartigue – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Lamont Dozier – Music Branch
1988 (61st) Music (Original Song) – “Buster”

Ralph Eggleston – Production Design Branch
2001 (74th) *Short Film (Animated) – “For the Birds”

Vicky Eguia – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Louise Fletcher – Actors Branch
1975 (48th) *Actress – “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Gray Frederickson – Producers Branch
1974 (47th) *Best Picture – “The Godfather Part II”
1979 (52nd) Best Picture – “Apocalypse Now”

Charles Fuller – Writers Branch
1984 (57th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “A Soldier’s Story”

Sari Gennis – Short Films and Feature Animation

Mitchell Goldman – Executives Branch

Marina Goldovskaya – Documentary Branch

Jane-Howard Hammerstein – Writers Branch

Leon R. Harris – Production Design Branch

Anne Heche – Actors Branch

Duncan S. Henderson – Producers Branch
2003 (76th) Best Picture – “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”

Howard Hesseman – Actors Branch

Heddy Honigmann – Documentary Branch

Bo Hopkins – Actors Branch

William Hurt – Actors Branch
1985 (58th) *Actor in a Leading Role – “Kiss of the Spider Woman”
1986 (49th) Actor in a Leading Role – “Children of a Lesser God”
1987 (60th) Actor in a Leading Role – “Broadcast News”
2005 (78th) Actor in a Supporting Role – “A History of Violence”

Rustam Ibragimbekov – Writers Branch – not marked as deceased

Ronald N. Jacobs – Producers Branch

Conrad Janis – Actors Branch

Gregory Jein – Visual Effects Branch

David M. Jones – Visual Effects Branch

Marvin Josephson – Associates

Artie Kane – Music Branch

Sally Kellerman – Actors Branch
1970 (43rd) Actress in a Supporting Role – “M*A*S*H”

Alan Ladd Jr. – Producers Branch
Board of Governors, July 1983-July 1986 (Executives Branch)
1995 (68th) *Best Picture – “Braveheart”

Angela Lansbury – Actors Branch
1944 (17th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “Gaslight”
1945 (18th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “The Picture of Dorian Gray”
1962 (35th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “The Manchurian Candidate”
2013 (86th) *Honorary Award

Jean-Marie Lavalou – Associates
1980 (53rd) *Scientific or Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)
2004 (77th) *Scientific and Technical Award (Academy Award of Merit)

Neal C. Lemlein – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Ray Liotta – Actors Branch

Bert Lovitt – Film Editors Branch

Thomas James McCormick – Associates

Amanda Mackey – Casting Directors Branch

Marvin March – Production Design Branch
Board of Governors, August 1995-July 2004 (Art Directors Branch)
1975 (48th) Art Direction – “The Sunshine Boys”
1977 (50th) Art Direction – “The Turning Point”
1978 (51st) Art Direction – “California Suite”
1982 (55th) Art Direction – “Annie”
1993 (66th) Art Direction – “Addams Family Values”

Mel Maron – Executives Branch

Ron Masak – Actors Branch

Burt Metcalfe – Associates

Yvette Mimieux – Actors Branch

Robert Morse – Actors Branch

Mace Neufeld – Producers Branch

F. J. O’Neil – Actors Branch

Lindsley Parsons Jr. – Executives Branch

Nehemiah Persoff – Actors Branch

Wolfgang Petersen – Directors Branch
1982 (55th) Directing – “Das Boot”
1982 (55th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Das Boot”

Sidney Poitier – Actors Branch
1958 (31st) Actor – “The Defiant Ones”
1963 (36th) *Actor – “Lilies of the Field”
2001 (74th) *Honorary Award

Bob Rafelson – Directors Branch
1970 (43rd) Best Picture – “Five Easy Pieces”
1970 (43rd) Writing (Story and Screenplay based on factual material or material not previously published or produced) – “Five Easy Pieces”

Ivan Reitman – Directors Branch
2009 (82nd) Best Picture – “Up in the Air”

Tom Richmond – Cinematographers Branch

May Routh – Costume Designers Branch

Carl Samrock – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

George Shapiro – Producers Branch

Henry Silva – Actors Branch

Howard Smith – Producers Branch

Shel Starkman – Associates

Douglas Trumbull – Visual Effects Branch
1977 (50th) Visual Effects – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
1979 (52nd) Visual Effects – “Star Trek - The Motion Picture”
1982 (55th) Visual Effects – “Blade Runner”
1992 (65th) *Scientific and Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)
2011 (84th) *Gordon E. Sawyer Award

Gabrielle Upton – Writers Branch

Vangelis – Music Branch
1981 (54th) *Music (Original Score) – “Chariots of Fire”

Dennis Virkler – Film Editors Branch
1990 (63rd) Film Editing – “The Hunt for Red October”
1993 (66th) Film Editing – “The Fugitive”

Leon Vitali – Members-at-Large

Tony Walton – Production Design Branch
1964 (37th) Costume Design (Color) – “Mary Poppins”
1974 (47th) Costume Design – “Murder on the Orient Express”
1978 (51st) Art Direction – “The Wiz”
1978 (51st) Costume Design – “The Wiz”
1979 (52nd) *Art Direction – “All That Jazz”

Kenneth Wannberg – Music Branch

Fred Ward – Actors Branch

David Watkins (Sr.) – Visual Effects Branch

Ian Whittaker – Production Design Branch
1979 (52nd) Art Direction – “Alien”
1992 (65th) *Art Direction – “Howards End”
1993 (66th) Art Direction – “The Remains of the Day”
1999 (72nd) Art Direction – “Anna and the King”

Emanuel L. Wolf – Executives Branch