Billie Eilish in memoriam

The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are the organization's greatest asset, an assemblage of the finest artists and craftspersons of the art form.

On this page the Academy pays homage to those members who have passed away this year. Academy Awards and nominations are noted (a win is indicated by an asterisk) as well as service on the Academy's Board of Governors. To see the full gallery from the 2020 Oscars click here.

James Lawrence Aicholtz – Sound Branch

Kelly Adam Asbury – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Julie Bennett – Actors Branch

Chadwick Boseman – Actors Branch

Paul C. Brandon – Associates

Wilford Brimley – Actors Branch

Edd Byrnes – Actors Branch

Colleen Callaghan – Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
1995 (68th) Makeup – “Roommates”
2001 (74th) Makeup – “A Beautiful Mind”

Lewis John Carlino – Writers Branch
1955 (50th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”

Denny Clairmont – Members-at-Large
2010 (83rd) *John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation

Harry Clein – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Martin Cohen – Members-at-Large

Linda Cristal – Actors Branch

Olivia de Havilland – Actors Branch
1939 (12th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “Gone with the Wind”
1941 (14th) Actress – “Hold Back the Dawn”
1946 (19th) *Actress – “To Each His Own”
1948 (21st) Actress – “The Snake Pit”
1949 (22nd) *Actress – “The Heiress”

Gene Deitch – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Brian Dennehy – Actors Branch

Kirk Douglas – Actors Branch
1949 (22nd) Actor – “Champion”
1952 (25th) Actor – “The Bad and the Beautiful”
1956 (29th) Actor – “Lust for Life”
1995 (68th) *Honorary Award

Marj Dusay – Actors Branch

Michael Economou – Film Editors Branch

John Ericson – Actors Branch

Andrew J. Fenady – Producers Branch

Harriet Frank, Jr. – Writers Branch
1963 (36th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Hud”
1979 (52nd) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Norma Rae”

Michael Franklin – Members-at-Large

William L. Goldenberg – Music Branch

Michael F. Goldman – Executives Branch

Jack Gordon – Executives Branch

Stuart Gordon – Directors Branch

Robert Harper – Actors Branch

Buck Henry – Writers Branch
1967 (40th) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “The Graduate”
1978 (51st) Directing – “Heaven Can Wait”

Richard T. Herd – Actors Branch

Jim Houston – Members-at-Large
1991 (64th) *Scientific or Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)
2006 (79th) *Scientific and Technical Award (Scientific and Engineering Award)

Peter H. Hunt – Directors Branch

Jack Kehoe – Actors Branch

Irrfan Khan – Actors Branch

Shirley Knight – Actors Branch
1960 (33rd) Actress in a Supporting Role – “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs”
1962 (35th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “Sweet Bird of Youth”

Tom Kobayashi – Sound Branch

Moonyeenn Lee – Casting Directors Branch

Colin D. Leventhal – Executives Branch

Gerry Lewis – Marketing and Public Relations Branch

Kurt M. Luedtke – Writers Branch
1981 (54th) Writing (Screenplay written directly for the screen) – “Absence of Malice”
1985 (58th) *Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Out of Africa”

Terrence McNally – Writers Branch

Loring Mandel – Writers Branch

Thomas L. Miller – Producers Branch

Ennio Morricone – Music Branch
1978 (51st) Music (Original Score) – “Days of Heaven”
1986 (59th) Music (Original Score) – “The Mission”
1987 (60th) Music (Original Score) – “The Untouchables”
1991 (64th) Music (Original Score) – “Bugsy”
2000 (73rd) Music (Original Score) – “Malèna”
2006 (79th) *Honorary Award
2015 (88th) *Music (Original Score) – “The Hateful Eight”

Lennie Niehaus – Music Branch

Alan Parker – Directors Branch
1978 (51st) Directing – “Midnight Express”
1988 (61st) Directing – “Mississippi Burning”

Edward Pisoni – Production Design Branch

Thomas Pollock – Executives Branch

Leslie Pope – Production Design Branch
2003 (76th) Art Direction – “Seabiscuit”

Kelly Preston – Actors Branch

Kevin Rafferty – Documentary Branch

Sumner Redstone – Executives Branch

Carl Reiner – Actors Branch

Gene Reynolds – Actors Branch

Allan Rich – Actors Branch

Reni Santoni – Actors Branch

John Saxon – Actors Branch

Joel Schumacher – Directors Branch

Gerard Schurmann – Music Branch

Ronald L. Schwary – Producers Branch
1980 (53rd) *Best Picture – “Ordinary People”
1984 (57th) Best Picture – “A Soldier's Story”

Lynn Shelton – Directors Branch

Geno Silva – Actors Branch

Fred Talmage – Members-at-Large

Max von Sydow – Actors Branch
1988 (61st) Actor in a Leading Role – “Pelle the Conqueror”
2011 (84th) Actor in a Supporting Role – “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

Stuart Whitman – Actors Branch
1961 (34th) Actor – “The Mark”

Fred Willard – Actors Branch